Enhancing Gate Automation Safety: Precision Engineered Photocells

Do you own a gate automation system that lacks automatic collision avoidance capabilities? Let's delve into the necessity of incorporating photocells into gate automation, how they operate, and why it's crucial to activate advanced settings in your gate motor.

Safe Work NSW stresses the significance of gate safety in the enlightening article linked below. As awareness and concern within the gate automation industry continue to rise, it is imperative to reassess the safety of your gate and explore avenues for enhancing its security.

Key Automation's cutting-edge photocells utilize infrared technology for signal transmission and reception. When the infrared beam is disrupted, it triggers an open circuit, immediately halting your gate's movement. This functionality is integrated into gate automation systems to prevent continuous operation in the event of a disrupted photocell. Additionally, these photocells can facilitate other gate functions.

For instance, photocells can serve as a trigger for gate closure. By programming the motors to automatically close after a preset duration of interrupted signal, enhanced safety measures are achieved.

The most common application of photocells is enabling the gate to automatically close after a predetermined time. However, if the photocells are triggered, the gate will open and wait for the preset time again. This setup is highly recommended to prevent the gate from colliding with vehicles or pedestrians unaware of the automatic closing system.

We offer a diverse range of photocells, providing installers with multiple options to choose from based on their specific installation needs. Here are the types of photocells supplied by Key Automation Australia to the AUS and NZ market:

  • FT32 A pair of wired photocells
  • FT42 A pair of wired photocells with adjustable 180 degrees for small pillars
  • FT42B A pair of photocells with receiver battery power
  • RP25K Reflective photocells

With these options, photocells become indispensable components for any gate automation system. Say goodbye to concerns about gate collisions and welcome advanced automation features with our precision-engineered photocells. Prioritize safety by investing in state-of-the-art photocells and enhance the functionality of your gate automation systems.

Welcome to the future of access – welcome to Key Automation.

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