Night Light System

Night Light System

Night Light System

A fresh approach to automating doors and gates has emerged. No longer just functional for movement, they now double as illuminating fixtures after dark.

Introducing the Night Light System-an innovative automation solution featuring integrated LEDs within the motor housing. These LEDs not only indicate motor activity during operation but also serve as ambient lights throughout the night, independent of gate movement.

The hallmark of this system lies in its seamlessly integrated LEDs, which transition from signaling motor function to providing gentle illumination after dusk. This transformation is made possible by a built-in night sensor within the flashing light, turning these products into functional luminaries.

The Night Light System embodies Italian craftsmanship and design ethos, blending sophistication and technology with cutting-edge materials and LED technology. Its sleek, fluid contours elevate the aesthetics of any home gate, imparting a refined and elegant ambiance to the surroundings.


Defines the width of the passage during the night, providing a safe entry and exit from your home

Easy Installation

Thanks to the extra-low voltage 24Vdc technology, expensive excavations and underground conduits are no longer needed. With an outdoor cable and dedicated connectors, the installation is easy and suitable for the DIY or through your gardener or electrician


Ease the night vision when security cameras are installed, in order to monitor the perimeter of your house for an improved control of your property


Designed and manufactured respecting the requirements of the Italian quality. Efficient and reliable, as it's subject to severe wear resistance tests for both mechanics and electronics. Simple to install, easy to use and safe for your family


Italian style and design at their best, combining the latest technologies with the use of the latest generation of materials. Enhances the gate of your home thanks to the modern shapes and colors, offering a unique style to your outdoor environment

Illuminate your path to safety and convenience with Key Automation Australia's Night Light System. Elevate your property's security and ambiance effortlessly.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with our cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship. Take the next step towards a brighter, safer future – invest in Key Automation Australia's Night Light System today.

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