About Us

About Us

Introducing Key Automation - Elevating Access Solutions

Key Automation stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of gate automation. With a youthful spirit and an unwavering focus on excellence, the company has redefined the access control landscape. Our range of solutions caters to residential, commercial, and industrial settings, promising enhanced speed, security, and efficiency for moving people and goods.

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Experience the future of gate automation with Key Automation, the Italian innovator at the forefront of transforming access control. With a dynamic spirit and unwavering commitment to innovation, Key Automation is reshaping how we interact with our environments.

Gate Automation - The Heart of Convenience

At the heart of Key Automation's offerings lies its cutting-edge gate automation systems. These systems are meticulously designed to elevate convenience, security, and aesthetics. Key Automation's technology seamlessly integrates into diverse environments, from electric gate motors to industrial gate motors

Gate Automation – The heart of convenience
Aethetis Appeal – Where style meets function

Aesthetic Appeal - Where Style Meets Function

Key Automation understands the significance of aesthetics. Our products are technologically advanced and designed with an eye for sophistication and emotional appeal. Each solution, from residential electric gates to industrial gate motors, is crafted to enhance property aesthetics while maintaining top-tier functionality.

Remotes for Gate Automation - A Personal Touch

Remotes are central to the gate automation experience. Key Automation offers remotes for gate automation that are functional and user-friendly. These remotes seamlessly sync with the automation systems, making access control intuitive and effortless.

Remotes for Gate Automation – A personal tough
Enhancing Security with Remote Access

Enhancing Security with Remote Access

The concept of remote access gates has transformed how we interact with our surroundings. Key Automation's solutions grant users the ability to control their gates remotely, whether from the comfort of their home or a distance. This level of control amplifies convenience and security, allowing users to grant access solely to authorised individuals.

Embracing the Electric Gate Revolution

Key Automation's electric gate solutions add a touch of luxury and security to residential and commercial spaces. These gates can be effortlessly controlled, enhancing everyday life. With a focus on low voltage gate openers, Key Automation emphasises energy efficiency without compromising power.

Installation made effortless

Installation Made Effortless

Key Automation's dedication to user experience extends to the installation process. Our products are meticulously designed for straightforward and hassle-free installation, considering both installers and end-users. This approach ensures that the products excel in performance and user-friendliness from installation.