About Us

About Us


In 2017, Key Automation expanded its headquarters, doubling operational space. The new facility houses final product assembly with advanced Industry 4.0 methods, incorporating cutting-edge testing machinery to ensure top-tier quality. With a commitment to innovation, Key Automation strives to exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement.


Key Automation prioritises exceptional quality across its products and processes, with substantial investments through research and development in mechanics, electronics, IoT software, and design. This strategic approach enhances innovation while ensuring strict adherence to quality benchmarks, employing advanced software tools for production planning and quality control, coupled with rigorous oversight of the raw material supply chain. The commitment to quality is evident throughout the product lifecycle, supported by meticulous supplier selection and continuous process monitoring, facilitated by a certified organisational system for comprehensive tracking across all operational domains.

Research and Development

Key Automation's Research & Development division propels technological advancement using continuous improvement methodologies such as Kaizen. With a skilled team, they focus on innovative design solutions aligned with market demands, collaborating closely with sales and production for essential insights to inform product development and technology integration, keeping our offerings at the forefront of innovation.


Within Key Automation's production operations, Key utilises an advanced Management System that is seamlessly integrated company-wide. Supported by cutting-edge software, they analyse sales forecasts in real time and also collect data directly from production lines to assess plant availability and capacity. This approach allows for a swift response to customer needs and fosters ongoing improvement, ensuring optimal efficiency and agility in meeting demand.


Quality control processes at Key Automation are meticulously planned from the research & development phase and are continuously refined based on feedback from suppliers, production, and customers. Utilising desktop and mobile monitoring apps, they collect and store all quality records, critical issues, preventive and corrective actions, as well as photographic and measurement feedback in a centralised database. Key firmly believes in leveraging advanced technologies and integrating data and services for success, optimising resources and ensuring a constant reduction in waste and low-value-added activities.